Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh My Gosh!!!...Have you seen the Old Painted Cottage Makeover?? & My Giveaway Update!

Hi Guys!...Nothing new to report at the moment for me...still working on finding cool stuff for my giveaway!...I'm ALMOST there...will keep you posted!...BUT...I was having my tea this morning and popped in at the Old Painted Cottage blog to visit Jennifer (Listen to me!...I sound as though she and I are best buds!...HA!...she doesn't even know I exist!...blogland is a very strange place sometimes, dontcha think???)..ANYWAY...before I get TOTALLY off track...Jennifer has posted before and afters of Her new (as of last year) cottage!...She calls it Cottage8....The results are simply STUNNING!! gotta take a minute and go for a visit!...Her Cottage of the Month has always been a favorite of mine...but this is someting EXTRA special!!!...Go on over and take a peek!...BUT... I warn will simply take your breath away!.... (nope! you can see...still can't link!...GRRRR!!!)


Sister Robbins said...

Hope this helps. To create a link:
1. Go to the site that you like
2. Go to the address at the top of your web page (begins with http:/)
3. Press the "ctrl" and "c" buttons at the same time (this will highlight the address)
4. Go back to your blog and when you go where you want to insert the link
5. Press the "ctrl" and "v" buttons at the same time.
And you just made a link.
~Have a great day~

stefanie said...

oh my, i did go, she did such a beautiful job, the transformation is gorgeous!!! can't wait for the giveaway, wish i lived closer, so i could come see your beatiful shop

Lee Laurie said...

I looked at it yesterday and it was so beautiful! She is so talented! I got so many ideas from her!

blushing rose said...

Awesome, period! TTFN ~Marydon

Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

Hi Lizzie, it is funny. I have never met any other bloggers in person. but I do think of them as my friends. That is what makes blogging so fun and addictive. I saw the cottage 8 makeover. Oh my goodness, it was just outstanding. So big of a transformation, and so so beautiful now!! Are those photos of your shop. They are so pretty. I love looking at all the goodies posted on people's blogs.
♥ Rebecca
p.s. I'm having a very first one ever. Come for a visit and put your name in the drawing if you'd like.

Roberta said...

Cottage8 is beautiful! How could she keep it a secret for so long? So looking forward to your givaway Liz! xo Roberta

The Old Painted Cottage said...

I wanted to thank you for writing such a lovely post about our Cottage8. And I would meet you for tea anytime, cause we're best buds like that! Thank goodness for the blogging world, bringing us all a bit closer.

Oh and for Roberta - It wasn't meant to be kept a secret. We moved in that house just 12 months ago and have been remodeling our hinneys off. We just completed a few weeks ago.


Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Lizzie, That is funny about her not knowing you even exist. How nice of you to mention her wonderful home. I looked at it and you can tell they both put a lot of work into it.

I am so looking forward in what you decide on your giveaway, because you have so many adorable things. I hope I don't miss out. I just adore the pictures you have posted with all the pretty things displayed.

I'll be dropping by soon, take care-

Anonymous said...