Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just some thoughts.....

Hi Guys! Sorry I've been, yet again, a bad Blogger!...Life just happens sometimes, Huh??

I was just reading Rachel Ashwell's latest blog entry. I don't usually comment on stuff like this...but I just have to say...I think she is Amazing...Absolutely Amazing. The Fact that she is putting herself out there posting and sharing this with us, Her thoughts, Her feelings and Her fears is so very Brave. She says it's because of us. Because of the love, support and encouragement, We as her customers and fellow bloggers have given her. That she's printed each & every comment to save because those comments are a big part of what is helping her get through this very difficult time.
There are many people out there that get their chuckles from watching the mighty & famous fall....but I also know that there are so many, many more of us here to lend our support, our prayers, appreciation and our hugs!
I know what Rachel Ashwell and Shabby Chic have given my life over the years and I know that many of you out there do to. I know that Rachel gave a legitimacy to the decorating style that I have loved since I was a teen, dragging an old wicker chair that my Dad was trying to take to the dump up the front stairs to stash in my bedroom.(Man, I wish I coulda gotten the Sofa that went with it up those stairs too!!...I still have the chair all these years later!!)...Thanks to Rachel,Now, the tattered, the chipped, the tarnished, the slipcovered and the well loved had a name...Shabby Chic....this was no longer junk... stuff that other people had tired of and discarded...stuff that you were making do with till you could buy something better...This was and is and always will be Shabby Chic.

Even those of you that might think...I am SO not into pink & white & all those rosie florals... that's not what it's all's about having an affinity for things with a past, things that are not perfect,things that have been well loved and a bit tattered or torn and showing their age...and if you have that affinity... well then you GET Shabby Chic... because I really think it's about the past meeting the's about respecting the people that have come before us and the people that will come's about making our nests comfy, safe & happy... It's about passing the love & the Karma along and I say to Rachel...Hang in there, Baby!...Have Faith... because Shabby Chic isn't just a decorating's a LIFESTYLE...and It's because of YOU that this is true...and it will be around for a long, long time!!!


hoganfe said...

I also hope RA can turn this around, save what she can and start over once again!

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Ruffles and Roses said...

Oh Lizzie, what a wonderful blog today ~ I do hope that somehow this gets back to Rachel ~ it was so sincere and true ~ you have to be one of her biggest and longest fans ~ if I had one wish ~ I would wish that she shows up in your shop as she would be so stunned at how beautiful it is as well as proud that she so inspired you !
I will see you soon Lorraine ~
~ Ruffles & Roses ~

kath@retromantic antiques said...

I so agree with you. Rachel again shows her bravery by being so open with the world. She is the real deal and will always be the original. kath